Paranormal Investigator

Since his teens Billy Engler has held a fascination with the paranormal. Namely in people’s beliefs and experiences on the subject. He began his “professional” career in 2006 when he and friend Chris Allen formed The Paulding Paranormal Society. Since then he has conducted hundreds of investigations and logged over a thousand field hours doing what he does best; getting to the truth of the matter. Along with that he has conducted tours, investigation-events, screenings, and lectures on the topic. There’s no doubt he’s a powerhouse figure on the subject of ghosts, hauntings, and the paranormal field in general.

Current Case #: 233
Current Hours: 1072

In his own words…

I hold case and investigation in two different manners. When I’m asked to do a case I do not go in disbelieving your claims. In fact, contrary to most in the field, I look into your case to prove what you’re experiencing is genuine. I feel that doing this helps my clients feel at ease whether the news is good or bad because I always make sure to tell them that just because no evidence was found does not mean that they are wrong in what they’ve experienced. Investigations are locations of interest for me. Typically it’s something we have access to or we’ve requested to investigate. It’s held to an entirely different standard for us as the methodology and even claims typically differ from cases we’re asked to look in to.