IMG_2567Billy Engler is Georgia native living in the metro-Atlanta area. Here he showcases his experience in the field of paranormal investigating and gives you an inside look at what it is like when he is on a case. He is also an aspiring filmmaker and lecturer withtwo documentaries under him and 12 lectures conducted since 2012.

Founder (co-founder) of The Paulding Paranormal Society.
Founder of HauntedPaulding – Community-based Investigations.
Founder of Dead Oak Society – Specialization.
Founder of Georgia Ghost Conference – Coming 2016.
Creator of Demonicpedia – The Online Demon Encyclopedia for Demonology.
Creator of Paranormal Planner – Find locations you can investigate.
Creator of HauntingReview – Paranormal-based reviews and commentaries.
Creator of TopParanormal – A Paranormal-based Top Sites website.
Author of ParaStandards: A Ghost Hunting 101 Book (revision coming out soon).
Creator of the Verifiable Evidence documentaries.